The last two days I worked on getting Stella accustomed to the show site and to walking on a show lead AT A DOG SHOW! We got her walking beautifully at home. It’s the show site that sends her into a tizzy. I had her walking on Thursday beautifully until a sudden move 20 feet away from her made her dart and run. So when we stood ring side waiting for the Open class to be called, I didn’t know what to expect.

I am proud to announce that Stella walked around the ring actually had her tail up for the final go around. She balked to bit on the table but it did not growl nip or bite! That’s huge for us! beyond proud and can’t wait to see how we do tomorrow. Even it’s the same, it’s a win!

Her socialization continued when Terry offered to take her around with her around the show site. She was stiff like a statue for only a couple of minutes. Again, more progress! All in all I’m very happy with the training and experiences Stella has received here in Ocala.


Well Stella night we’re broadening our horizons, Alexis got to show Priya in breed and Breezy in Juniors. They both got dumped but Alexis loved the experience. Breezy still looks way too uncomfortable on the ring. Not quite sure how’s to increase your confidence but that is our new goal for 2017.



Our other news of the day? Rita brought Flirt (who has been renamed Cupie) with her for the weekend and we got to see her progress. She’s doing very well, all things considered. Found out late in the day that they were doing an Eye Clinic. It to get Stella’s eyes done. She passed with flying colors! Like there was ever a doubt?? We also got news on Linguine progress at the fast cat run. That little dude ran his heart out and is now the fastest Cavalier King Charles spaniel on record!





Day Two Was Better
Burrrrrr To The Burr Burr