ocaladay2-georgie-bosWe battled the extreme heat yesterday but today seemed to have blown records. Seriously! I had to but the dogs the car to keep them cool this afternoon and the gauge read 106 degrees! CRAZY HOT! Waiting it out in the car while Alexis continued to assist Renée today was well worth it because Georgie knocked my socks off this morning! He showed his little butt off, with his tail up the entire time. It was as if he knew I walk into the ring and with no intention of winning and he intended on proving me wrong. When the judge pointed to me and called out “best opposite sex”, my jaw dropped to the floor. What an amazing weekend for Mr. George. Two major wins towards his grand champion title and today he beat  another champion. We’re getting closer and closer to that new title! I am beyond thrilled!

As the dg show gods usually play it, Alexis and ryes took it all yesterday so today they were dumped. All the way around. Honesty, I think the excitement and the intense heat propped them both out. Yesterday was well earned and this weekend was truly amazing. Georgie awesome wins, Pryia’s entire Saturday and the lessons and experiences Alexis got to experience working with Renee? PRICELESS! In the 2 Hour drive home with the air conditioning blasting was the perfect way to end the perfect weekend.



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